The CEOs of Scandinavian grid companies Energinet, Fingrid, Statnett, and Svenska kraftnät discussed the electricity system operators’ preparation for a possible aggravation of the situation in the Baltic Sea region and its impact on the Baltic transmission system, according to a release from Finnish operator Fingrid.

Nordic and Baltic grid operators have jointly prepared for an operational scenario in which the Baltic region would be disconnected from the Russian grid and forced to operate as an island. Some challenges have also been identified, but here it is not specified which ones. In such a situation, support is needed in the form of providing adequate frequency from the Nordic system.

Baltic transmission system operators have already reduced imports from Russia to minimize the potential impact on the Baltic power system in the event of a sudden Russian disconnection from the grid, Fingrid reports.

The Finnish operator argues that the grid companies are well prepared and have practiced such a scenario in preparation for the synchronization of the Baltic countries with the electricity system of continental Europe in 2025.