Danish energy company Ørsted said in its latest 2021 report that the 2 MW H2RES electrolyzer demonstrator, which uses energy from offshore wind farms, will be activated in the first half of 2022.

In May 2021, Dan Jørgensen, Denmark’s The Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities , led the ceremony of laying a cornerstone under the H2RES project, kicking off construction of Ørsted’s first green hydrogen project using renewable energy.

H2RES will have a capacity of 2 MW and will be located at Ørsted’s site at Avedøre Holme in Copenhagen. The project will investigate how to best combine an efficient electrolyser with the power fluctuations of an offshore wind farm, using two of Ørsted’s 3.6 MW offshore wind turbines.

Ørsted’s renewable hydrogen portfolio, Graphics: Ørsted

The plant will produce up to approximately 1,000 kg of renewable hydrogen per day, which will be used to fuel zero-emission road transport in the Greater Copenhagen area and in Zealand. The plant was originally expected to produce its first hydrogen in late 2021.

Four other hydrogen projects (Green Fuels for Denmark (GFDK), Yara Sluiskil, HySCALE and Lingen Green Lingen) are in the IPCEI funding process and await final approval.

The Danish company operates across the value chain, develops, owns, and operates offshore wind farms in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Poland, the Netherlands, the USA, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Korea. Ørsted is also active in the Baltic Sea region.

Ørsted offshore wind build-out plan, Graphics: Ørsted