According to the Swedish media, the wind company Hexicon plans to debut on the stock exchange. On June 4, 2021, it announced its intention to conduct an offer to sell its own auctions. The prospectus has already been approved by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. The entity specializes in the development of floating wind platforms. The listing is to give the company greater development opportunities in the wind energy sector.

Trading in the company’s shares is scheduled to begin on June 18 on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market. The offer is aimed at institutional investors in Sweden and internationally, as well as the general public in Sweden.

“Floating wind energy has several advantages. First, it is efficient because wind conditions are better at sea. Second, it does not affect other activities and the environment. Third, the installations do not disturb because they are located in the middle of the sea. This is wind power 3.0 that we create” – says Marcus Thor, CEO of Hexicon, quoted by

In March 2021, Hexicon began cooperation with Aker Offshore Wind, with which he established a joint venture (50/50). Recently, companies applied for permits to build two wind farms off the coast of Sweden. One of them will be built in the middle between the coast of Sweden and Gotland in the waters of the Baltic Sea, the other in the waters of the Skagerrack Strait, about 30 km from the coast at the level of Orust Island.

“Sweden is struggling with electricity production shortages in the south of the country. If we are to succeed in making the commitment to free the country from fossil fuels until 2045, then we must invest in producing more electricity from renewable energy sources.” said Marcus Thor.

He added that two offshore farms correspond to energy production in two nuclear reactors, but wind farms can be put into operation within 2-3 years after receiving all permits.

Sweden has a well-established corporate power purchase agreement (PPA) market with several multinational companies having signed onshore wind farm PPAs in recent years. Hexicon and Aker Offshore Wind are to explore a number of options for finding attractive partners for the take-up of renewable energy.

Floating wind farms are seen as the future of offshore wind energy. The solution will enable the full use of wind power in the seas, also in the Baltic Sea. Hexicon was founded in 2009 and has participated in development projects around the world, including the world’s largest floating wind farm off the coast of South Korea. Hexicon has established itself in Sweden, South Korea, Scotland and Spain. The company is also present in South Africa and Ireland.

Source: Hexicon,