The recent 50Hertz DialogMobil tour, conducted by the project team of the grid connection project OST-6-1, has garnered significant attention and generated immense enthusiasm among the communities of Dierhagen, Ribnitz-Damgarten, Dettmannsdorf, Marlow, and Gnewitz. The tour aimed to provide local citizens with comprehensive information about the project’s current status and future plans.

Empowering the Communities
One of the highlights of the 50Hertz DialogMobil tour was the overwhelming interest expressed by the community of Dierhagen, which is also slated to be the landing point for the project. By engaging with the residents, the project team was able to dispel concerns and provide crucial information. The reassurance that the underground cable route would not traverse residential areas alleviated the fears of the local residents. Moreover, the team took the opportunity to educate citizens about the environmentally friendly drilling techniques that will be employed during the project, ensuring minimal impact on the natural surroundings.

Information and Engagement Platform
Recognizing the importance of ongoing communication and transparency, 50Hertz has established an information platform on their project website, This platform enables citizens to actively participate by leaving comments directly along the route. By providing this channel, 50Hertz is encouraging an open dialogue and fostering a sense of community involvement in the decision-making process. This commendable approach ensures that the concerns and feedback of local residents are acknowledged and taken into account during the project’s further planning stages.

Looking Towards the Future
In addition to addressing the specific details of the OST-6-1 project, the project team also utilized the tour to discuss future grid expansion projects outlined in the 2nd draft of the grid development plan 2037/2045. By extending the scope of the dialogue to broader issues, such as the necessity of grid expansion and the integration of offshore wind farms, the team has demonstrated a long-term commitment to sustainable energy development. This proactive approach reflects the company’s dedication to remaining at the forefront of clean energy initiatives and their determination to meet the future energy needs of the region.

The success and overwhelming interest generated by the 50Hertz DialogMobil tour are indicative of the importance of community engagement and transparent communication in large-scale infrastructure projects. By proactively reaching out to local citizens, dispelling concerns, and facilitating an open dialogue, 50Hertz has set a commendable example for other companies involved in similar ventures. The establishment of the information platform further strengthens their commitment to inclusivity and provides a platform for residents to contribute their valuable insights. As the project progresses, it is crucial that 50Hertz continues to foster this spirit of cooperation and maintain transparent channels of communication. Through such initiatives, the company can ensure that local communities remain active participants in shaping their energy future, fostering a sense of ownership and collective responsibility for sustainable development.

Source: 50Hertz