A public procurement notice for the construction of an Estonian-Latvian offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea has appeared in the Estonian Public Procurement Register. The tender concerns the implementation of the ELWIND feasibility study.

The ELWIND project is an Estonian-Latvian concept of a joint hybrid offshore wind energy project in the Baltic Sea. The total capacity of the planned offshore wind farm is 700 – 1000 MW, which will provide over 3 TWh of energy per year. The offshore wind installation will be operational until 2030.

As part of the tender, a company will be selected that will assess and model pre-selected development areas for offshore wind parks and present a proposal for the best location for a wind farm. The aim of the study is to assess selected locations for the development of offshore wind parks (4 locations, each approximately 200 km2, assuming a power density of 5-8MW / km2) in the Baltic Sea within Estonian and Latvian territorial waters and exclusive economic zones, based on the assessment of the agreed criteria. Recommendations are also required to identify the most sustainable and feasible offshore wind production locations (2 sites, 1 in Estonia and 1 in Latvia) for the joint ELWIND project. The deadline for submitting offers is August 6 at 10:00.

Offshore wind park development areas in Estonia and Latvia. Source: MSP of Estonia, Hendrikson&Ko/Estonian Riigihangete register

As reported on BalticWind.Eu the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia and the Ministry of Economics of Latvia have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a joint Estonian-Latvian offshore wind project for generation of energy from renewable energy sources. An offshore wind project provides significant contribution for both climate change and energy security challenges, as well as into sustainable growth and just transition to a low carbon economy. Maritime spatial planning carried out by both countries has covered potential offshore wind park development areas in waters of Estonia and Latvia.