Today, on Global Wind Day, BalticWind.EU is proud to announce the first Baltic Offshore Wind Awards, to recognize the top 20 leaders of our industry who have had the biggest impact on offshore wind development in the Baltic Sea region. The award winners will be announced at the Final Gala in December this year.

Speeding up the process of wind farm investments deployment in the Baltic Sea countries will not be possible without leaders of this process. At BalticWind.EU, we closely follow the activities of those who are most active and influential. Today we would like to share the news that in December we will announce and recognise the TOP 20 leaders distinguished with the Baltic Offshore Wind Award 2021. The official ceremony will take place during the Award Final Gala in Tallinn. Details will be released closer to the time.

As we entered 2021, the Baltic Offshore Wind industry moved into a decisive phase of shaping the structure of actors in the development of wind energy in the Baltic Sea. At BalticWind.EU we wish to honour those who are enabling, supporting and navigating this growth and innovation.

Who is eligible for this award? Our goal is to distinguish leaders of a broad scope of stakeholders – representatives of the global industry that are active in the Baltic Sea basin, local SMEs, authorities, regulatory experts, communication professionals and many others who have made a real impact this year. 

When do nominations begin and how can you nominate someone? In autumn we will ask a broad scope of representatives of offshore wind stakeholders involved in the projects in the Baltic Sea region about their nominations and a short justification. We will release more details about the Baltic Offshore Wind Awards 2021 soon. Stay tuned.

We invite all those interested in supporting this initiative to join us.

O behalf of the BalticWind.EU team.

Paweł Wróbel, Managing Director

Krzysztof Bulski, Publishing Director

Updated on 12/07/2021.