The year 2022 was full of events that are permanently changing the conditions for the offshore wind industry. We asked industry leaders and key policy-makers for their assessment of what has been achieved in the past year and what the forecasts are for 2023. In today’s interview of the „Baltic Sea Offshore Wind – 2022 Summary & 2023 Outlook” series, we present the opinion of Kamil Kobyliński, Head of Offshore Wind Poland, TotalEnergies. 

2022 Summary

1) From my perspective one of the most important developments for offshore wind in 2022 is signing a declaration for cooperation in offshore wind by eight Baltic Sea countries, committing to increase offshore wind projects development to almost 20 GW by 2030. That was an important first step in strengthening joint efforts of the region that may become one of the key global hubs for the offshore wind energy production accompanied with massive green hydrogen installations.

We as TotalEnergies, see here also a very special role of Poland having geographical and local content potential in both areas and technologies. Therefore, launching competitive procedures for 11 new offshore wind sites, representing around 10 GW of new installed capacity, was also an important development. Their settlement in 2023 and start of their development will be another milestone in Polish energy transition. TotalEnergies was engaged in that process during the entire last year, cooperating and sustaining valuable dialogue with all counterparts engaged and placing its own bids for seven locations with KGHM Polska Miedź on level of ca. 10 GW in total.

2) Our main achievement in the Baltic Sea region as TotalEnergies is using our long-lasting position of one the key local and global oil & gas companies and start its transition into a truly multi-energy company. Our business model in offshore projects always assume strategic cooperation with local partner. We are very honored to be a partner of one of the largest energy off-takers both in Poland but also in the region – KGHM Polska Miedź. Our partner is one of the largest copper and silver producers in the world which brings to our cooperation special meaning. The partnership is built on the strengths of both companies and is based on joint and common cooperation formula. TotalEnergies will leverage its proven expertise in offshore operations, its experience in managing large-scale projects and its ties with the worldwide supply chains. KGHM Polska Miedź, as a major Polish state-owned group, will bring its knowledge of the Polish market building strong relations with stakeholders and maximize local content. As mentioned above, we have placed seven bids for ca. 10 GW of power together for promising sites and with the most ambitious and complete offshore wind projects. If awarded one or more wind projects, we will mobilize the best resources to develop these projects to the highest standards and delivery times, with a high level of local content, thereby boosting the local industry, creating jobs in Poland and contributing to the supply of green electricity at a competitive price.

2023 Outlook

3) Important challenges for offshore wind development in 2023 will be new auctions or other location competitions, taking place all around Baltic Sea countries, from Poland thru Baltic States and Nordics. We are very much involved in all of them and my particular concern focuses obviously on the Polish market. TotalEnergies has applied for seven locations with an aim to develop at least two offshore wind projects and start their operation in 2030. We are awaiting the results of the Polish contest, self-confident that our joint proposal with KGHM Polska Miedź not only meets but in most areas, exceeds the criteria. Our challenge will be to secure those projects and achieve subsequent milestones, such as grid connection as soon as possible.
A more general challenge for Baltic Sea development will be to strengthen cooperation and joint initiatives between Baltic Sea countries, making a step forward from the declaration signed last year and providing a coherent, stable perspective for offshore wind development until 2040. This shall include not only sharing best practices among Baltic Sea countries but also cooperation with the European Commission and ENTSO-E to build a common Baltic energy grid and implement solutions increasing synergies between offshore wind and energy islands in focus on green hydrogen production as well.
Poland with Its significant potential of offshore wind power could increase independency of energy supplies to the Polish grid, but also become a major guarantor of security supplies in the region – taking a role of net electricity exporter.

4) In 2023 we will focus on pre-development and development works of our planned offshore wind farms in Poland as well as intensifying our activities in all other jurisdictions of the Baltic Sea. TotalEnergies and KGHM Polska Miedź are planning to build at least one large or two mid-size installations with total capacity exceeding 2 GW until 2030. This will contribute to our global target at TotalEnergies of 100GW installed capacity in renewable energy sources by 2030 and will have a significant impact on the energy transition of Polish energy market.

To achieve that we will continue strengthening our relations with local authorities, universities, market leaders, contractors, and service providers. This is very ‘TotalEnergies way’ to develop projects around the world – contributing to local economies and local societies. Both because it is fair but also it provides benefits to all parties. Last but not least we will also focus on expanding our other renewable energy portfolio in Poland, including onshore wind, photovoltaic, biogas and green hydrogen projects.