The Estonian TSO Elering AS and the Latvian TSO Augstsprieguma tīkls (AST) are developing a business case, investigating the possibilities to invest in an offshore grid. In order to evaluate the business cases of future projects, an offshore grid technology catalogue is needed. BLIX Consultancy has been commissioned to perform a study and deliver the technology catalogue.

The aim of the technology catalogue is to develop a tool that would enable the assessment of costs of possible offshore assets as well as to support the understanding of the market and what products are available.

Study objective and purpose

BLIX will provide the technology catalogue that will cover various options available for different components of a regular offshore wind project. For the assessment, both global developments and local conditions will be considered. Focus will be given to components types that have a 5 or higher technology readiness level. Throughout the process, possible wind park sizes of 350, 500, 700, 1050, 1400, 1750 and 2100 MW will be considered.

Manager Strategy & Finance – Imke Maassen van den Brink says: “Offshore wind energy from the Baltic Sea is an exciting new market for countries like Estonia and Latvia who have major ambitions to decarbonise their energy production. With great wind resources and shallow water depths, it is the perfect opportunity to capitalise on Europe’s maturing offshore wind market. This project builds on the market assessment BLIX carried out on offshore wind in the Baltic States, helping them achieve climate and energy targets whilst also supporting economic growth.”

BLIX will also perform a right of way desktop study in order to define possible export cable routes to two onshore connection points both in Estonia and Latvia. Finally, BLIX will analyse the time schedule for the electrical connection works of a potential offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea.

Source: BLIX