The four German transmission system operators 50Hertz, Amprion, TenneT and TransnetBW adapted their joint information platform ‘’. From now on, it offers a clear insight into the daily workings of the electricity market, complemented with information about German and European legal situations and future developments.

How much electricity is generated from renewable energy sources in Germany on a daily basis? Which arrangements are made to balance supply fluctuations? And how is the electricity price held down? By now, developments in the energy supply and electricity market are of interest to more than just professionals. The four German transmission system operators now take this situation into account with the relaunch of their joint information platform

The new website targets the energy industry and associated institutions, but also addresses the general public. For the purpose of greater clarity, the existing layout was fundamentally reworked, all content was reordered and various options were introduced to individually adjust the visualisation of data.

Short explanations and a glossary of technical terms ensure that the content can also be understood by interested laypersons. The publication of regulations and the documentation of consultations regarding the implementation of EU guidelines reveal the highly complex correlations on the German national and European electricity market. With the adapted website, the transmission system operators meet their legal duty to create transparency on the energy market and, as such, to enable fair competition for market participants.

Source: 50 Hertz