To accommodate the development of the two Lithuanian wind farms, as well as other projects in the Baltic Sea, Klaipeda Port announced an international tender for the reconstruction works of quays and dredging of the first stage.

„With favorable conditions for the development of offshore wind farms and numerous wind farm projects in progress, the Baltic Sea is becoming a hot spot for offshore wind industry development. To satisfy the growing demand for wind turbine assembly, loading, and wind farm servicing, the Port of Klaipėda is developing the necessary infrastructure and inviting companies to be a part of this project “ – said the director general of the port authority Algis Latakas.

The quays of the Smeltė peninsula will be reconstructed and adapted for the handling, assembly, and storage of wind turbines. The planned area for the installation infrastructure is 21 ha. The length of the newly reconstructed quays is approximately 346 m (in a continuous line). The depth near the quays will be 12 m.

In May 2022, an investment agreement was signed between the Klaipėda State Seaport Authority and Klaipėda Stevedoring Company KLASCO to develop the port infrastructure required for the planned development of offshore wind farms. To accommodate the growing demand for wind turbine pre-assembly, loading, and wind farm servicing, the Port of Klaipėda is building the necessary infrastructure. The design project for the reconstruction of quays is already prepared.

The second tender for the selection of a developer to develop a 700 MW offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea in Lithuania was launched in January 2024. Tenderers must submit their applications and documents to The National Energy Regulatory Council by 14 April 2024.

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Source: Port of Klaipeda