RWE has selected UL Solutions to certify the design premises of the F.E.W. Baltic II wind farm. The certification will be conducted in accordance with global standards and in consultation with the Polish Register of Shipping (PRS), an independent and recognized appraisal institution. As the second largest player in the global offshore industry and one of the country’s five largest onshore operators, RWE is strengthening its presence and continuing the green energy transition in Poland. UL Solutions is a global leader in the safety field and one of the world’s largest providers of testing, inspection and certification services for renewable energy projects.

RWE Offshore Wind Poland, a subsidiary of RWE Renewables, has selected an experienced partner, UL Solutions, to certify the design assumptions of the 350 MW F.E.W. Baltic II wind farm. The proposed farm will be located in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea, in an area of 41 square kilometers, at a depth of 30-50 meters and about 55 kilometers from the shore.

Lukas Prietz, Project Director of the F.E.W. Baltic II offshore wind farm project at RWE Renewables: “We are pleased to have selected UL Solutions, an experienced certification company for our F.E.W Baltic II offshore wind farm project. Implementation of the construction process and subsequent operation of F.E.W. Baltic II will be carried out in accordance with the highest global standards and applicable national and international regulations. As part of the exchange of knowledge, the entire procedure will take place in dialogue with the Polish Register of Shipping. By choosing UL Solutions to work with us, we are engaging a global company that has been operating in Poland for many years and thus relying on Polish engineers and experts. This is part of RWE’s ongoing local content strategy of working with national companies and specialists.”

UL Solutions will proceed with certification in accordance with the provisions of the Maritime Safety Act, as well as international IEC regulations and procedures. The entire process will take place in consultation with the Polish Register of Shipping, which has extensive experience in cooperating on projects in the Baltic Sea. UL Solutions’ cooperation with PRS shows how important Polish companies are in the construction and operation of the F.E.W. Baltic II offshore wind farm. “The construction of offshore wind farms is particularly important in the energy transition. With energy generated in the Baltic, it will be possible to reduce Poland’s dependence on fossil fuels. By implementing the F.E.W. Baltic II project, we will significantly contribute to this positive change, while accelerating economic development, by using Polish suppliers and subcontractors”, says Lukas Prietz, Project Director of the

F.E.W. Baltic II wind farm at RWE Renewables. “Poland is one of the most attractive and accelerating offshore markets for our company. We don’t want to stop at the F.E.W. Baltic II project. Therefore, we have also applied for all 11 areas made available by the Polish authorities for the construction of more wind farms.”

“The electricity produced by offshore wind farms is crucial in the transition from dependence on fossil fuels to renewable energy,” – said Joern Gerlach, Engineering Manager in the Renewables Energy team at UL Solutions Energy and Industrial Automation group. “Confirming that offshore wind power can support the electricity grid while optimizing energy production is key to accelerating the development of wind farms and Poland’s green energy transition. We are proud to be working with RWE to help in the process of developing safer and reliable wind energy.” Once operational, the 350 MW F.E.W. Baltic II wind farm will be able to produce enough green electricity to meet the needs of some 350,000 households. In addition to offshore, RWE operates onshore wind farms in our country with a total installed capacity of more than 420 MW. This year, the sixteenth in the company’s portfolio – Rozdrazew (16.8 MW) – was connected to the grid. The seven turbines have the capacity to generate enough green electricity to meet the needs of more than 27,000 Polish households. The Wierzchlas (7 MW) and Znin (48 MW) projects are underway. RWE-owned wind farms Dolice (48 MW) and Lech Nowy Staw III (12 MW) are awaiting licenses. The Lech Nowy Staw III wind farm, in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, will soon begin producing energy for several breweries operating in our country. As one of the world’s leading companies in the field of renewable energy, RWE is supporting Polish industry in the process of green energy transition. In addition, RWE is diversifying its Polish renewable portfolio by investing in photovoltaic projects.


Source: RWE