Lithuania, as one of the Baltic countries, wants to use the opportunities of offshore wind energy development. The first offshore wind farm will be built by 2030, while renewables auction for the first offshore wind farm is planned for 2023. Offshore wind could cover up to a quarter of the energy consumed in the country. We ask the Lithuanian Ministry of Energy about the challenges and plans for 2022. Read BalticWind.EU Special Report Lithuania Q4 2021.

Lithuania plans to build a 700 MW wind farm in the Baltic Sea that would generate up to 3 TWh of electricity, equivalent to 25% of the country’s electricity needs. Construction of the farm could create more than 1,300 jobs. But Lithuania’s potential in offshore wind energy is much greater. According to BEMIP’s estimates, wind turbines with a total capacity of 4.5 GW may appear in Lithuanian waters. 

We ask about the state of preparations for offshore wind energy and the ministry’s assessment of the achievements to date in developing wind turbines in the Baltic Sea.

“In such a relatively short period Lithuania proceeded in developments of legal framework and other preparatory works”, the Lithuanian Energy Ministry indicates in a commentary for BalticWind.EU. 

At first, the main challenge was to assess the territories suitable for offshore wind development and prepare a legal framework. Discussions for the most suitable support scheme design are ongoing. Lithuania seeks to design the support scheme so that it will place as lower burden as possible on final consumers. Another big awaiting challenge is to assure seaport readiness for offshore wind development and enable local content. In parallel, it is also important to design the concept for the 2nd offshore wind project – explains the ministry.

The Lithuanian Energy Ministry informed in commentary to BalticWind.EU, that several foreign, as well as local, companies show an interest to participate in tenders. They take an active part in public discussions of the legal framework for offshore wind development. 

The future is cross-border offshore wind projects

Lithuanian Energy Ministry indicated that as the theoretical potential of offshore wind projects is 3,35 GW, Lithuania exploits all possible cooperation solutions – national, bilateral, and regional – hybrid and cross-border projects. 

“Cross-border offshore wind projects provide additional opportunities to fund a part of the installation of important and necessary infrastructure from EU financial instruments, which are increasing as a result of the implementation of the Green Deal”, points out the ministry. 

Lithuania’s plans for 2022 

We asked the Lithuanian Energy Ministry about plans for 2022 in the area of offshore wind energy. It seems that it will be an intense time for Lithuanian decision makers.

“In the area of offshore wind development, Lithuania‘s target is to make final corrections to the support scheme design and have it approved. The second target is to prepare and approve the concept for the 2nd offshore wind project”, the Lithuanian ministry informs BalticWind.EU