At the meeting on 4 May 2023, the citizens’ representation in Copenhagen approved the project around Aflandshage Windmill Park, where 26 offshore wind turbines are to be erected. Copenhagen is thus taking a big step forward in its green transition.

The climate crisis presents the world’s countries and cities with a clear challenge; the green transition must be accelerated, and action must be taken now. Therefore, Copenhagen Municipality is continuously trying to initiate new green solutions that can reduce CO2 emissions. With the approval of the new Aflandshage wind farm in Øresund, the municipality is taking a big step in a greener direction.

“While states talk, cities act. The approval of Aflandshage Windmill Park is a historic milestone in Copenhagen’s green efforts. With the wind farm, green and sustainable electricity can be supplied, corresponding to the consumption of around 300,000 households. I am proud of that; we must act on the climate crisis, so that we both future-proof our cities and inspire others to a greener direction,” says Lord Mayor Sophie Hæstorp Andersen (S).

The installation of the offshore wind turbines takes place as part of Copenhagen Municipality’s Climate Plan 2025, where precisely the installation of wind turbines constitutes a central element in achieving the goal of CO2 neutrality in the Municipality of Copenhagen. Aflandshage Wind Farm will consist of 26 offshore wind turbines, which together can supply green power for the equivalent of the consumption of 300,000 households.

“We need an enormous amount of power for the green transition. We don’t just have to replace the black power with renewable energy, we also have to use a lot more power. For heat production, for land transport, for land power for ships and for future fuel for both aircraft and ships. I am happy that we can now contribute to this in Copenhagen”, says Technology and Environment Mayor Line Barfod (EL).

The construction of the offshore wind farm can be done relatively quickly. Seabed surveys in Øresund are already underway, so construction work on the wind farm can begin in 2025. Aflandshage Wind Farm can be fully operational in 2026 – and supply green power to the many consumers and businesses in the Øresund region.

“I am really happy that we have support for HOFOR’s important offshore wind turbine project from our owners. Aflandshage is the largest of all our solar and wind projects – and therefore a cornerstone in our work to convert energy production to renewable and green solutions. With Aflandshage, we contribute to creating a climate-neutral capital, and we lead the way in relation to the green transition in the entire Øresund region. I am incredibly proud of that,” says Susanne Juhl, chairman of the board of HOFOR.

With the Citizens’ Representation’s approval of Aflandshage Windmill Park, only the final approval of the project from HOFOR’s board is now required. It is expected during the month of September, when the last contracts have been negotiated in place.


  • The 26 offshore wind turbines are 11 MW wind turbines, which together can produce green electricity equivalent to the consumption of 300,000 households.
  • The power from the Aflandshage wind farm will also be included in Ørsted and HOFOR’s tentative agreement on ‘Power to X’, where synthetic fuels are to be developed for e.g. planes and trucks.
  • The wind turbine foundations are established on the seabed. This solution is considered to provide optimal conditions in relation to creating an artificial stone reef around the turbines – to the benefit of marine biology in Øresund and Køge Bay.
  • Recently, HOFOR signed a contract with Siemens Gamesa to deliver a total of 26 offshore wind turbines to Aflandshage Windmill Park

Source: Copenhagen Municipality Economic Administration; via Rizau