Poland’s offshore wind power industry, while thriving, is still at an early stage of development. The Polish Energy Policy until 2040, adopted last year, assumes that offshore wind farms will be one of the foundations of a new, zero-carbon energy sector in Poland. This process requires a clear and long-term strategy, cooperation and partnership with the local community, as well as trusted partners. It is also a huge financial investment.

It is worthwhile at this stage to draw on good models that are already in place around the world. Many Western European countries have paved the way for energy transformation and offshore segment development. An example worth following is the French experience, more precisely Neopolia.

Neopolia is a business network founded in 1999 by 12 CEOs in order to Today, Neopolia is coordinating the expertise of its 240 member companies. It role as a cross-expertise industrial solution provider, is to be an architect, builder and coordinator of  industrial schemes. Neopolia is active across the markets of Offshore Wind & Marine Renewable Energies, Marine, Energies, Land Mobility and Aerospace.

Justyna Koć : What is the added value to the offshore wind development of such organiza-tions as Neopolia?

Lucas Bryk, business developer Neopolia: The role of Neopolia is first and foremost support the devlopment of business for its members. The development of a sector, a comprehensive supply chain, and its coordination in order to support the entrance and success of its member on a new market.

Offshore wind is full of opportunities for local companies, should they be SME’s or larger corporations. Neopolia actions towards its members materializes in support in acquiring market expertise, development of business practices specific to this sector, valorization of existing skills is  development of new relevant ones.

From a customers angle, Neopolia offers a local supply chain for the Project Developers as well as its TIER 1 partners : Turbine Manufactururers, Transporters and Installers, Cable Manufacturers and Installers, Transition Pieces, Jackets or Floaters Manufacturers, as well as Operations & Maintenance specialists. It allows to offer both local content and expertise, based on competence and validated by track record.

You can read the full commentary  in BalticWind.EU Quarterly Country Report Poland Q3 2022.