Poland’s offshore potential is up to 33GW
of clean, green energy

Electricity from the first Polish wind farm in
the Baltic Sea will flow as early as 2026. There has not yet been such a dynamically developing renewable energy technology in Poland, or even in
the world. In the Polish part of the Baltic Sea, preparatory work is currently underway for
the construction of the first wind farms, and administrative procedures are also underway, as
a result of which further project permits will be granted for the so-called Phase II development. The great interest that this sector is gaining, clearly indicates that offshore wind energy can become a strategic element in building Poland’s energy security and independence. The development of OWE also means strengthening the Polish economy, among others by building 
a modern and strong supply chain.

In 2022, the Polish Wind Energy Association commissioned a report entitled “Offshore Wind Energy Potential in Poland”, which identifies opportunities in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea and new potential areas for OWE investments.
The publication shed new light on the prospects
for offshore and can confidently become a direction for investors, but also for the government administration, to take a close look at how huge opportunities we have at our fingertips in the renewable energy sector.

The PWEA study indicates that if the total estimated potential of the Baltic Sea is exploited, offshore wind power could meet as much as 57% of Poland’s total electricity demand, and local content could reach 65%, which undoubtedly represents an opportunity for the Polish economy.

Polish offshore areas are currently developing projects with a total capacity of about 8.4 GW, including 5.9 GW from so-called Phase I development projects and 2.5 GW from Phase II development projects.


You can read the full article in the BalticWind.EU Quarterly Country Report Poland Q4 2022.