The Ministry of Energy of Lithuania invites interested parties to review the plan for the development of engineering infrastructure for an offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea.

On 22 June 2020, the Lithuanian government passed a resolution stating that a tender should be held for the development and operation of offshore wind farms with a capacity of up to 700 MW. The tenders are planned to be organized after all necessary steps are taken, the infrastructure development plan is approved, wind speed and other parameters are measured and the seabed is surveyed, the ministry said.

The Lithuanian ministry has commissioned the preparation of an engineering infrastructure development plan for the territorial sea and the exclusive economic zone in the Baltic Sea. This plan will enable the creation of appropriate conditions for the production of electricity from RES. The goal is to identify specific areas for phased development and operation of offshore wind farms. The assumption was to prepare concepts (at least 2 variants) and solutions for the connection of wind farms to the transformer substation in the Baltic Sea with issued construction permits, including preliminary locations for the connection of offshore wind farms to the seabed cables and the offshore transformer substation in accordance with the prepared variants.

The developed infrastructure development plan will be available on the website of the Ministry of Energy and in the information system TPDRIS (TPD No. S-NC-00-20-411) of the Republic of Lithuania from May 26 to July 26, 2022.

Comments and proposals on the infrastructure development plan can be submitted to the plan organizer on or in the information system of the Republic of Lithuania TPDRIS.

A special conference on the plan will be held on 27 July 2022 at the headquarters of Lithuania’s energy ministry.